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Our comprehensive trucking fleet insurance program has the ability to package many of your insurance coverages including auto liability, physical damage, general liability and motor cargo into one convenient policy.

Everything is handled in one place at our office, so you won’t have to deal with being transferred to multiple people within different companies.

Most of our trucking fleet insurance carriers will offer safety consulting & seminars and as well as FMCSA compliance at little or no cost to you.

Most fleet truck insurance policies will be written on a Scheduled Vehicles basis. Every vehicle that you operate must be reported and listed on your policy. This method eliminates the complexity in premium calculations and also eliminates the potential for premium increases due to higher than expected mileage or revenue. Conversely, if the trucking company has swings in business, i.e. has periods of time when some of its fleet sits, per unit rate wouldn’t be beneficial because the insurance bill is due whether the trucks are in use or not.

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