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Flatbed trucks may carry any number of materials, from construction materials to sheet metal, heavy machinery and oil field equipment. Often flatbed trucks will carry oversized loads which require special state permits.

The most common accidents involving flatbed trucks are cargo shifting and cargo spills, so the focus of our flatbed truck insurance policies is to provide comprehensive coverage for when these incidents arise.

A well-tailored Flatbed Truck Insurance policy contains these coverages:


  • Comprehensive – protects your tractor and flatbed trailer against fire, theft, vandalism and other causes of loss.
  • Collision – protects your equipment in an event of roll over, impact with other vehicle or stationary object.
  • Coverage for ramps, chains, tarps and binders – to protect your valuable equipment against theft, collision, fire and other causes of loss.
  • Towing and Storage – provides coverage for expenses related to towing and storage of damaged equipment.
  • Combined Deductibles – this coverage allows you to pay only one deductible in the event a loss occurs involving both physical damage and cargo.
  • Loading & Unloading – provides coverage for the commodity while it is being loaded or unloaded.
  • Debris Removal – provides coverage for reasonable and necessary costs to remove debris caused by and resulting from a covered loss.
  • Broadened Pollution – provides liability coverage for the discharge of pollutants which are in, upon, owned, being transported by, loaded or unloaded from a covered auto.
  • Earned Freight – replaces income lost when a load cannot be delivered due to a covered cargo loss.
  • Sue and Labor – covers costs related to preventing further loss to damaged cargo. Also known as loss mitigation.
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